Meet the Shayasi 

From ancient civilizations to contemporary cultures and future technology, people are a fusion of diverse influences. We are committed to the expression of individuality and unique style. 


We believe in a world where fashion is the truth and it is the freedom to be you, without judgment. To try new things and To express yourself. To be brave and grab life as the extraordinary adventure it is. So we ensure humans have a right to discover all the amazing things they’re capable of – no matter who they are, where they’re from or what looks they like to boss. We boost the confidence to be you.


We are of the opinion that fashion should have a global impact. We ensure that we always look for a better way to improve our planets and recycle waste by reusing materials instead of relying on virgin materials also animals don’t suffer for fashion and have strict sourcing guidelines for Leather and producing animal-free products. 


We have suppliers who use factories around the states in Nigeria. We are addressing and reducing modern slavery risks and identifying and stopping child labor also ensure we reduce poverty rates. 


 We are all about helping, collaborating, and working with young talents and this is more than fashion, such as models, photographers, musicians, etc to help them achieve greater heights and pursue their projects 

Shayasi Bazaar 

The team is seeking out the best fashion startups and the plan is to have more than 500 boutiques so you can shop varieties at all times 


Company website:

Company name: Shayasi Global Resources 

Registered address: 4, Holy Saviour College Road, Isolo Lagos, Nigeria 

Authorized Representative: Ismail A. Suleiman CEO